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We boast a fleet of 8 vessels with a spreed range from 25 knots up to 58 knots allowing passengers to be in Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam within 40 minutes. We believe in servicing our customers with the best options and convenience available, beginning from ROYAL, VIP to economy class, we are driven by our customer satisfaction. With the capability to carry minimum and maximum (around 500 passengers), we facilitate our services at all times. Please feel free to view our vessels – interiors, exteriors and comforts.

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Kilimanjaro IV

 Vessel Type: Catamaran Total Capacity: 620 Seats Capacity Breakdown: VIP: 84 Seats Business Class: 86 Seats Economy Class: 466 Seats Speed: 35 Knots  

MV Kilimanjaro

Vessel Type: Catamaran Total Capacity: 425 Seats Capacity Breakdown: VIP: 4 Seats First Class: 100 Seats Economy Class: 217 Seats Speed: 25 Knots  

Kilimanjaro II

Vessel Type: Catamaran Total Capacity: 410 Seats Capacity Breakdown: Premium Club: 60 Seats First Class: 40 Seats Economy Class: 206 Seats Economy Sundeck: 104 Seats Speed: 28 Knots

The Kilimanjaro III

 Vessel Type: Catamaran Total Capacity: 540Seats Capacity Breakdown: VIP: 74 Seats Economy Class: 466 Seats Speed: 32 Knots

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