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Azam Marine & Coastal Fast Ferries offers charter services for our esteemed clients who would like to enjoy the First Class luxury of our fast ferries and Speed boats. Below are the vessels that are available for charter.

These vessels have the capacity of holding 280 passengers and can travel from DAR – ZAN in less than 2 Hours. For groups wanting to enjoy the sea, these vessels are highly recommended. All vessels are fitted with safety gear to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers on board.

This speed boat has the capacity of holding only 48 passengers. And is defined as the Racer in the sea, it can reach a top speed of 37 Knots and is the ultimate vessel for a fun filled adventure. Due to the nature of this vessel, clients can only enjoy the sea during calm waters.

This unique speed boat has the capacity of holding 58 passengers. And it is defined as the “sea limousine”. It can reach a tops speed of 58 Knots making the ride one of a kind. For the safety and comfort of our clients, the vessel is fitted with state of the art safety equipment to ensure that safety of our clients.

These are our most recent catamarans which were specially designers for Azam Marine & Coastal Fast Ferries. They all have a capacity of having over 500 passengers and can go to a top speed of 35 knots. For the most safety and luxury, these are the ideal catamarans.

For more information regarding these charter services, you can send your quires to charterservices@azammarine.com or call us on our toll free numbers below:

Tel : +255 22 2123324
Tel : +255 774 707172 (Toll Free)


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