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Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam (harbour of peace), formerly Mzizima, is the largest city in Tanzania. It is also the country’s richest city and a regionally important economic centre. Dar es Salaam is actually an administrative province within Tanzania, and consists of three local government areas or administrative districts: Kinondoni to the north, Ilala in the centre of the region, and Temeke to the south.

Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania with 2.8 million people. With a population rate increase of 4.39% annually the city has become the third fastest growing in Africa (9th fastest in the world), after Bamako and Lagos, respectively. The metro population is expected to reach 5.12 million by 2020.[5]

1925: 30,000

1948: 69,000

1957: 129,000

1972: 396,000

2005: 2,456,100

2010: 3,000,000 (rounded estimate)



Downtown Dar es Salaam includes many small businesses, many of which are run by traders and proprietors whose families originated from the Middle East and Indian sub-continent — areas of the world with which the settlements of the Tanzanian coast have had long-standing trading relations. During the daytime the heavy weight of traffic, office workers, busy merchants, street vendors and restaurateurs of the area lend it a frenetic and slightly claustrophobic air. However, after nightfall the area is relatively quiet as much of the city’s nightlife is located in more residential districts away from the city’s mainly commercial centre.








Foods and More:

Due in part to the growth of the expatriate community and the increasing importance of tourism, the number of international restaurants has risen very rapidly over recent years. The city now offers a rich and internationalized diversity of cuisine, ranging from traditional Tanzanian Barbecue style options such as Nyama Choma (Roasted meat – served with rice or ugali) and Mishkaki (Shish kebab – usually barbecued and served with salt, hot peppers, chapati, fries, and rice on the side). Picture showing Ugali with Nyama (Local Food In Daressalam).





Safety has become a noticeable feature in Dar es Salaam and many other Tanzanian cities. Dar es Salaam is one of the safest large cities in East Africa. Homicides are rare, even in the poor areas of Dar es Salaam. Chain snatching is relatively common in the kariakoo area. Although pick pocketers frequent the City Centre and Dala Dalas and prey especially on foreigners, there are rarely reports of violent crimes. Unfortunately, the relative poverty in Dar es Salaam drives some people to steal from small store-owners.

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